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As a resident of coastal southern Maine, Cottage Linens®, Inc. founder, Sharon A. Eon repeatedly witnessed summer cottage vacationers arrive on Saturday afternoons loaded down with vacation necessities including bundles of sheets and towels.


However, it was not until 2004 when Sharon and her husband Mic built a rental beach house that Sharon realized most southern Maine beach cottages do not include linens with the rental. Moreover, in cottages where linens are provided, vacationers are frequently required to launder the linens before departure, not a fun way to spend the last hours of a vacation.


Recognizing the need for vacationing cottage renters to have an affordable alternative to bringing linens from home, and as importantly to eliminate the burden of having to launder sheets and towels at the end of their vacation, Sharon opened Cottage Linens Bed and Bath Linen Rental Service in 2005.


Cottage Linens is committed to providing the very best Bed and Bath Linen Rental Service for vacationers at southern Maine beaches. We guarantee clean, fresh, quality bed linens and bath towel sets along with dependable friendly service with complimentary Saturday linen delivery and pick up.

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