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Maine is known as Vacationland, its beauty attracts people from all over the world. Maine has something to offer everyone, from its beautiful beaches to its pine filled forests it truly is a vacationland.  


In this highly competitive rental market set your rental cottage apart from the others, offering a remarkable service that will leave your renters returning year after year. Cottage Linens Bed and Bath rental service will enhance your guests’ experience while helping you save time. Cottage Linens eliminates your need to stock and launder sheets and towels. Cottage Linens will ease the rental experience and your renters will receive a premium vacation service.


Cottage Linens is committed to providing the very best Bed and Bath Linen Rental Service

vacationers at southern Maine beaches. All our linens are premium quality, professionally laundered, hand inspected fragrance and allergen free. We guarantee clean, fresh, quality bed linens and bath towel sets along with dependable friendly service with complimentary Saturday linen delivery and pick up.






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